Focusing on the Negative is Powerful!

Feng Shui teaches that everything is connected. That is so apparent during this time of economic uncertainty. Everywhere I go I hear people lamenting the state of our economy and talking about how they are being affected by the wild swings in the stock market. Businesses are slowing down. Some businesses are failing. Fear seems to be spreading like wildfire!

I believe what we focus on we attract to us. It is tempting to jump on the bandwagon and get swept away by the tide of negative news. I know if I watch the news, read the paper and participate in conversations about all the negative things happening in the financial world, I too will succumb to fear. Fear is perhaps the most common form of negative energy. Fear makes me contract and attract more negatvie energy into my life.

Instead of participating in the fear feeding frenzy going on around me, I work hard every day to look for and celebrate the good in all aspects of my life. I find it in special relationships with people, in respectful behavior between people, in the weather, in business opportunities, in nature, in the antics of my beloved dogs, Jake and Oz. The list goes on and on. If I look for positive things, I’ll find them. If I focus on negative things, I’ll find them too. Not only will I find them, I will attract more of them!

Today as educational coordinator of my BNI group (Business Network International), I shared my belief in the power of staying positive. As I spoke I could feel an emotional sigh go through the room. Several people told me they appreciated the reminder and the permission to swim against the tide of negativity. One member told the group that he and his wife had agreed to have a “negative fast” for one day this past weekend. They agreed to refrain from negative conversation of any type on Sunday. He was amazed to observe that the rest of the family joined in as well. See, positive energy does attract more of the same!

You have a choice! What do you want more of in your life? Positive or negative? If you choose positive, seek it and live it every day, you will be a light in this time of darkness and uncertainty. Feng Shui teaches that everything is connected. Your one light will spread positive energy to everything around you. Your light really matters because it will attract more of the same. Help us light up our world!

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