Are You Neglecting Yourself?

These days we are running so fast with work, with children, with outside obligations that we often neglect our personal space. Taking care of the house is often at the bottom of the list. It is the item that we can let go if time runs out. The chaos is not limited to the home, although it happens more often at home because our energy is used up everywhere else. There are fewer perceived consequences for delaying the tending of our homes.

Somehow we have lost touch with the reality that we have only a limited amount of energy to spend each day. We just keep running as fast as we can, doing the next thing that needs doing. We don’t design our lives, we endure them. And, as we speed along, our stuff falls by the wayside, debris that tells the truth of our hectic way of being. It says, we are doing too much. It says, we are not making time to take care of our space and ourselves.  

Are we happy living a tornado of a life? I wonder.

Clutter and chaos are symptoms of a bigger problem. They are symptoms that we have gotten swept away by the insane pace of life that we live in America. More is better, doing more, having more, being more. They are symptoms of being unconscious in our lives and of neglecting ourselves. Who would choose that?  

A first step to move beyond the chaos that we have created is to take a good look at it. Take pictures of it. Tape them to your bathroom mirror. Carry them around with you. Then allow yourself to feel whatever comes up when you look at the disorder. Most people feel shame, embarrassment or overwhelm.  Allow those feelings. They are normal.  Ask yourself, “Do I want to continue to feel this way? Is this the life I want for me and my family?” If your answer is no, you have just taken the first important step in a new direction.

The next step is to make a decision to do whatever you can to change the conditions that create the chaos you are experiencing. That may involve talking to friends about your decision and the changes you intend to make. It may require hiring professionals, a coach, a professional organizer, to help you act on your decision. Do it! It’s time to claim YOUR life consciously. Restore order. Restore sanity, and get ready to fly!

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