When Gifted with Extra Time, Clear Clutter!

Sometimes client cancellations are really blessings. Recently a client cancelled and I was left with a morning to do whatever I wanted. Since I’m self-employed, and clients are my bread and butter, you might wonder, “Is she crazy?” What can be good about a loss of revenue?

In this case the client rescheduled for an open slot in the afternoon. So, that helped me relax. But, what was really wonderful was that I had just gotten back from being out of town and I was itching to do some clearing, especially in my office. I am an organizer and feng shui practitioner and I KNOW that lack of clarity in my space affects clarity in my head, heart and soul. But, the last few weeks had been chaotic and things had begun to build up. I KNEW I needed to clear because I could feel myself twitching every time I entered my office, every time I THOUGHT about my office. The schedule adjustment was really a gift from God. Free time all to myself! No husband. No one I had to call. The time was mine to do what I wanted.

I had fun with the clearing because I let my spirit guide me. I first found myself annoyed by all the little animal figurines on my spice rack. I very carefully considered each piece and whether I really loved it. Figurines are not useful, so the only way I was going to keep any one of them was if I really loved it. Loved it for it’s beauty, cuteness, it’s authenticity, it’s association with the person who gave it to me. I sorted out a whole bag that immediately went into a bag for Good Will.

Next I found myself annoyed by all the little photos and slips of paper falling out of my Daily Guideposts. I keep Christmas photos of special family members, friends and clients and their children in my Daily Guideposts to remind me to pray for them. Over time I had accumulated duplicates and that day they were making themselves known! I decided to get real about them too! Out went a pile of photos and scraps of paper that no longer spoke to me. Yes, it’s OK to pitch pictures!

By then I was ready to tackle the really big pile of stuff that was bugging me in my office.  I had pulled several bins of audio-CDs and tapes out of my car. My car is ANOTHER story! I was determined to create a new order from the chaos within those bins. I carefully evaluated the content of each CD or tape. Was I still interested in the content?  Did I get anything out of it the first time I listened to it? Did I think I would benefit from listening to it again? Again, I got real with myself. I ended up with a stack of CDs to give away, a bunch of cassette tapes to pitch, a bin of precious CDs and tapes that I knew I wouldn’t listen to any time soon that I to stored in my office storage cabinet, and just one full bin of really good stuff to listen to that I took back out to my car. There was one other grouping of CDs to store that I needed to reorganize by category so I could easily find those associated with speaking and business development. That little pile was a project to do after I purchased a few more CD cases. I left that out to do over the weekend. Whew! 

You should have seen me during that process. With each area that I cleared I got more energized. You see, every single item I examined was alive with chi (energy). When I examined each piece I was checking out its chi. Was the item still alive with chi for me?  And, was the chi positive or negative? If it held positive chi and I had space to store it, I kept it. Those that either clearly had negative chi, didn’t make me feel good, made me twitch in some way, or seemed to have no chi at all, I let go of. When I let something go, it released the energy it was holding. That energy was then available to me! My energy level just kept going up and up! What fun!

Now, to be perfectly honest, not every moment of that clearing process was comfortable for me. The smaller clearings of the figurines and the photos were easy because the volume was limited. But, when I got to the tapes and CDs, I really had to work with myself to keep myself from running away because of feelings of overwhelm that threatened to shut me down. Fortunately I knew that the discomfort was only temporary. I knew that the feelings of accomplishment and the visual order would be a big payoff for my perseverance. I did what I do with clients who have huge projects, I kept my head down and didn’t look at the big picture. I made myself focus where I was instead of focusing on how much more I had to do. That would only lead to overwhelm and shutting down. I also dealt with big items first so I could see rapid progress.  

Is my office perfect now? Certainly not! It will always be a work in progress because my business and my life are works in progress. But, it does feel better. And, getting clear about those projects helped me get clear enough to sit down and share the experience with you!  

Enjoy clearing to get clear!  

4 thoughts on “When Gifted with Extra Time, Clear Clutter!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks so much! If you check back through past posts you’ll find other posts about clearing clutter. It’s an underlying theme to much of what I do and teach. I’m sure I’ll be writing more in the future as well!

  1. coleen

    Clearing the clutter, clearing the head, clearing the soul…makes me think of Ecclesiastes…to every season a purpose under heaven…guess i should apply the same thinking to the piles and papers of home. Great article…thanks!


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