Feng Shui Can Help with the Fall Blues!

Here in Virginia the weather changed from summer one day to fall the next. Then came the cold rains. That made it feel like winter! When I talked to my husband last night he told me that there were six mental health workers helping suicidal clients at the emergency room of a hospital in the town where he works as an emergency services mental health clinician. He said it happens every year about this time.  When the weather turns cold, gray and wet people get depressed and feel desperate enough to consider suicide.

I can certainly identify with a dip in mood with the change of seasons from summer to fall and fall to winter. When the skies turn gray and the air turns cold my chi (energy) drops. It is particularly hard to keep a positive attitude. It is so much easier to ruminate on things I cannot control, to give in to fear.

If you think about what is happening from an energy perspective, at this time of year the warmth of summer gives way to the cool air of fall, a drop in energy.  The angle of the sun changes and the days grow shorter, so the abundant light of summer becomes the more muted and limited light of fall, a drop in energy. And finally, the brilliant greens, reds, pinks, blues and yellows of trees and gardens turn to browns and golds, again a drop in energy in the landscape. Feng shui teaches that everything is connected. If the energy in the landscape changes, is it any wonder that our chi also drops?

When the chi outside drops, I work hard to keep my focus on what I can control, my own chi. It is especially important at this time of year that I get enough rest so I’m less likely to succumb to fearful thoughts. I meditate almost every day to keep myself focused on what is really important. I add warmth and color to my days by spending time with people who have good chi and by doing things that lift my chi like walking my dogs, clearing clutter (it’s fun for me!), and enjoying a meal with good friends. I also make sure that my home is filled with all the light, color and warmth that I can no longer get outside.

What can you do to lift your chi? One way to start is by listing the many things that make you feel grateful. Another is to fill a bag with things you no longer love or use and drop it off at a charity. Not only will your space feel better, but you’ll also find that you will feel lighter and have more energy. Or, you could make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a good book and some good music. The chi of the landscape may be waning, but you can keep your chi high in the comfort and coziness of your homes and relationships. 

2 thoughts on “Feng Shui Can Help with the Fall Blues!

  1. carole

    It is true. I miss the warm, spirit- lifting, energy of the sun during the damp, gray days of winter. For many years, it was such a dreadful time of year for me. Then, it occured to me that until the trees shed all their leaves, we could not appreciate their trunks and branches which often are just taken for granted while they support the bounty of leaves. During the warm months, we seldom see the nests of birds or squirrels. It is only after the leaves are gone that we can see/realize how the branches had held safe nests and therefore held safe new life.

    Their silouettes against the sky, trees give a stability and quietness not only to the environment but they give us permission to retreat into quietness as well. With the weather cool and damp, we are more inclined to retreat to the inside of our home, curl up under the warm comforter and read, sip a cup of tea or cocoa, or watch a movie. And, did I mention how the “giving tree” had given us firewood with which we can build a warming fire to enjoy and bring warmth and light into our lives? The flickering/ crackling fire certainly distracts us from thoughts of the damp, gray weather…

    It also occured to me that just as we need an adequate amount of sleep / rest, so too does nature.

    I am thankful for living in a place where there is a change of seasons. Each season has its gifts. And, I am thankful for the quietness of the winter. Otherwise, I might be inclined to stay outside year ’round therefore avoiding clearing the clutter which collects inside my house while I am tending my preferred outside activities!

  2. coleen

    Thank you for this encouraging piece…I know people and animal energies decrease, but I never thought of the waning sun, the drying gardens, the falling leaves as “energy changes.”


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