Friends’ Spaces Can Inspire Clutter Clearing!

If you want to get motivated to clear clutter in your home, go visit a friend who is a minimalist, one of those people who keeps things so simple that their home feels stark to you. 

I speak from experience! Just yesterday Bob and I went to help a dear friend with a few chores in his garden. I hadn’t seen his condo since he had moved in, so he showed me around. I was impressed that he is putting his home together with great thought and care. There is literally NO CLUTTER, except in the guest room which is a work in progress. There are very few decorative items, very few pictures on the wall, very few rugs. Of course, he isn’t finished creating his space, but given what I’ve seen so far, I know it will still be sparsely furnished and decorated when he’s finished. That’s what he likes!

When I got home to our cozy little ranch house, I couldn’t help but compare the feeling of his home to our home. I wouldn’t be comfortable living in a home like my friend’s, but seeing his home, and more importantly, feeling his home, I realized that I do want more simplicity in my home. I want fewer things out in the open, fewer things talking to me energetically.

So, today, before I got caught up in the busyness of my office, I rearranged my supplement drawer so I could move a collection of supplements off the kitchen counter into the drawer. Now at least one surface is more peaceful. I also plan to keep looking for items that I can either give away or pack away for later use. 

The next time you find yourself in a calm, clutter-free space, instead of whipping out the bat to mentally club yourself for your clutter, use that energy to go home and whip a cluttered spot into shape! That way you too will benefit from positive energy of a clutter-free space.

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