Clear As You Go!

It happened again today! I was looking for a recipe and ran into a paper pile that wasn’t even on my radar. I keep special recipes with the phone books on the shelf of a telephone table in the kitchen. As is my habit, when I reached for the recipe folder I also took a look at all the other items on the shelf. Not only did I rediscover an excellent healthy eating cookbook, but I also found several out-of-date phone directories and guides to exploring Richmond, a spiral binder and a looseleaf binder that could be emptied. I felt good when I saw that stack of stuff shrink, and I was also rewarded with the find of a great cookbook the had gone out of my awareness. 

Remember you too can experience the pleasure of purging if you do it as you go about your every day activities! It only takes seconds to pitch a few things, and the benefits far outweigh the effort. Every time you get rid of something, you are creating clarity for yourself and clearing a path to more prosperity.

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