Gift Ideas that Don’t Create Clutter!

I was recently asked for Christmas gift suggestions for staff by an elementary school principal. I told her I work hard to give gifts that won’t add to a person’s clutter burden. I give gifts that are consumable and that anyone would appreciate, like gift cards (which are really money $$$$) and special foods. 

This year I am giving amaryllis bulbs to many people on my list. Several years ago my neighbor gave me one. Though it took me some time to finally open the package and plant the bulb in its little pot, when I finally did, I found such pleasure in watching it grow into a luscious red bloom in the cold gray months of winter. So, I’ve added giving gifts that provide the recipient with an experience to my gift giving options. 

After the principal and I discussed these various options, I think she settled on the gift card idea. She can feel confident that the gift she’s giving won’t end up in the Good Will bin or the trash, or even worse, stashed away in a clutter pile of things that must be kept because it was given by someone significant, even though it’s not really of value to the recipient. And better yet, the gift of money during these tough economic times will certainly lift the spirits of her staff.

What can you do this holiday season to give without creating clutter?

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