Feng Shui Thoughts to Warm Your Winter Landscapes

If you live in states with deciduous trees, have you noticed how gray and stark the landscape has gotten since the leaves have fallen from the trees? I enjoy scanning the landscape when I walk Jake and Oz, my beloved pups, every morning. As I was walking this weekend, I noticed that the grayness was broken here and there by a pop of bright red and green from bows on wreaths and other Christmas decorations. It occurred to me that we begin to decorate for the holidays right after the leaves fall from the trees. The greens of the leaves are first replaced by shades of yellow, red and gold. Then when nature can no longer provide the energy of color, we pull out our bright lights and red bows. What a wonderful transition to winter!

Is it any wonder that the early days of the new year seem so bleak. When we pack away our decorations we systematically remove the color from the landscape . Little do we know, but that energy was feeding us, nurturing us, giving us visual pops of joy. When we remove them we are left a primarily gray landscape and the white skies of winter. With the exception of berries on bushes and shrubs and an occasional cardinal, it’s difficult to find a pop of bright energizing color anywhere in the landscape.

Here are some suggestions for adding color to your outer world:

-add a colorful flag at your front door
-add a wreath with some red accents to your front door
-add doormats at your front and back doors that have colorful designs
-add small yard flags with bright colors and fun themes in several locations in your yard, even the back yard
-paint your shed or any other outbuilding red
-get a red bird feeder or paint your existing bird feeder red
-install a blue or red birdbath
-add wall plaques beside your front and back doors that have cheerful greetings and bright colors
-add a red, blue or purple gazing ball to your landscape (if you’re not worried what the neighbors will think!)

Did you notice that many of my recommendations specified “red” as the color of choice? Red is the color associated with the fire element in feng shui. When a landscape is primarily gray, adding red provides a pop of warmth and energy in an otherwise cold and “dead” landscape. So, add color outside, especially red, and warm up the winter landscape and your life!

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