Newsletter: Everything Talks to You!

January is a time of new beginnings.  The rush and stress of the holidays are past us and we have the opportunity to look out on a whole new year, a fresh start.  Wouldn’t it be nice to start that new year with a clean slate, a clear head and lots of energy?  The best way I know to clear your head and get energized is to clear clutter.

I use a Feng Shui principle as one of my guides when clearing my own clutter and helping others clear theirs.  It is, “everything is alive and always talking to you.”  You may remember learning that everything is made up of moving particles (protons, neutrons, etc.).  That was hard to grasp in 9th grade and still is.  What is easier to understand is that everything is alive with memories and associations.  And, when you look at an item, those memories and associations talk to you in the form of thoughts.

For example, I have a framed thank-you note from a client on my office wall.  When I look at it I think of my client and her appreciation for my help when I organized her office.  It tells me that I did good work.  It tells me that I made a difference in her life-so much of a difference that she got took her time and energy to send that special card.  That object is alive with good associations and says good things to me.

On the flip side, one of my clients complained that she hated returning home every day.  When we took a look at what greeted her when she opened her front door, we found that she was immediately confronted with a desk piled high with unsorted papers that clearly said, “You have work to do and, as usual, you are behind.”  No wonder she wasn’t delighted to return home.  Every day the mess on her desk assaulted her!

Your challenge is to check out everything in your environment and listen to what each object is saying to you.  Where do your thoughts go when you look at a particular item?  Are they positive and do they engender warm feelings?  Or, are you thinking negative thoughts about yourself or someone else?

When you find things that only elicit negative thoughts or have negative associations, get rid of them in the most expedient way possible.  Watch your energy increase as you systematically silence those things and begin creating an environment filled only with things that you love and that say nice things to you.

Feng Shui Tip of the New Year

Live with what you love or use.  Get rid of the rest!

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