The Power of the Purse

I couldn’t stand it any longer! I was hauling around a purse the size of a deflated pumpkin filled with everything from my digital camera to the remote for a medical device. My left shoulder has been aching for years. People who handled it would always groan and tease me about its weight. And, most annoying of all, and what finally sent me in search of a new model, the handles were fraying. Talk about negative energy! It was causing me physical pain and it looked like something I’d picked out of the trash.

It was mid-December, a time to be buying things for others, and there I was in Kohl’s looking for a purse for myself. I was searching for one that was very durable (I’m very tough on purses), that was a hand-held model, and that was just big enough to hold only the essentials (wallet, pens, pad, business card holder, cell phone, check book, digital camera, and a few personal items like lipstick and tissues). What was I going to do with all the rest of the “essentials” that were in my pumpkin purse? After some mulling I decided that I’d keep the pumpkin purse in my car filled with those things I use only occasionally like my digital recorder, flip video camera, the remote for the medical device and coupons. 

Another criteria for this purse was that it could not be very deep. I imagine that most women know what I’m talking about when I say that many purses, especially large ones, are black holes. They are so deep and dark that things just disappear into their depths. No more black holes for me! I finally found two possible candidates, one that was all black and one that was black with brown trim and accents that look like zebra and leopard skin. Hmmm. . . which to choose? The all black purse was a cute shape and cost less than the zebra purse. But, I felt so drawn to the unique zebra purse! I went against my practical, depriving nature and bought the zebra purse. It helped that it was 40% off. A real bargain!

Once I’d made my choice I realized that I really had to downsize my wallet and my pen holder, which were pumpkin purse size. I searched out a smaller wallet, something that almost fits in the palm of my hand. And, by some miracle I found a sleek zipper bag for my pens. For about $50 total I was all set!

Next came the great purge. I emptied the pumpkin purse and enthusiastically pitched and pitched stuff that I’d been carrying for years. Most of what I tossed were things I thought I had to have but rarely or never used. It was so liberating! I then filled the zebra purse with just the essentials. Because the purse was just the right depth I could see everything at a single glance. It was wonderful! All of the larger occasional use essentials went into the pumpkin bag and into the car.

What I’ve noticed since I made this big change is that I smile instead of groan every time I grab my purse. I am able to find what I need in it in an instant rather than fumbling and cursing in the black hole of the pumpkin purse. It really didn’t say much for my professional organizing abilities if I had to rummage through a cesspool of a purse. And, I feel calmer and more in control now that I’ve established more simplicity in that part of my life. 

Since I cleared the old purse and established a new, simpler, more functional and more attractive purse, I’ve moved on to create more clarity on my desk and in my files. Consequently it’s easier to figure out what to do next in order to reach my goals. Just lightening the load of the purse led to me lightening my paper load and my mental load. Wow! Who would have guessed that the purse could be so powerful!

How would you rank your purse? Is it a life-affirming appendage? Or, is it a black hole of confusion and stress? You too can discover the power of the purse! 

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