Want Change? Move a Big Piece of Furniture!

Bob and I moved a large bookshelf from his office into our family room. Doing that required moving all the books, of course! Bookshelves are usually left where planted for just that reason. What an overwhelming, heavy job!

We started by going through everything on the shelves and deciding whether we really wanted to keep each item. Many books hadn’t been touched in years, since the last time we moved those shelves. Talk about static energy! With Bob taking the lead we released 12 grocery bags of books. I know some of you are having a stroke right now at the idea of pitching books. Fortunately neither one of us is extremely sentimental about books. We have a few favorites, which we kept, but the rest had to be good candidates for reading or reference. If not, out they went! 

If you are worried about the books, a majority will end up in good homes. Most went to Good Will. A select four bags will go to my mother and step-father who are retired and spend much of their time reading. What they don’t want Mom will take to her library where they will recycled.

When the shelves were moved and reloaded they seemed so much happier to have lighter loads. We actually had room to put pictures and other treasures on them. And, the shelves transformed our family, making it feel so much cozier.

Feng shui teaches that everything is alive with energy. Moving the bookshelf and its contents was a HUGE shift in energy. Shifts of energy often result in change of some sort. I was curious to see what this change would bring. 

The morning after the shelf was moved, much to my surprise, my husband woke me with a kiss. Don’t get me wrong, my husband kisses me daily, but what was surprising about this kiss is that it came at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday, a time when he normally is sawing zzzzzs. Even if he was awake at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday, chances that he would be in a good mood and doling out kisses would normally be slim! Wow! Let’s move some more furniture! The other surprise was that he was raring to go to the grocery store! 

What’s particularly interesting is that the bookshelf was moved to a corner of our family room that holds the energy of love and marriage. When placed there, organized and enhanced by photos and treasures, it became an enhancement to love and marriage. Presto! There I was on a Sunday morning getting just what I wanted from Bob. Yes, moving a big piece of furniture may be a pain in the butt, but it can result in positive change like getting more of what I really want from my husband.

Is there something you’ve been meaning to move but have been avoiding because it seems like an overwhelming job? Remember my Sunday morning kiss. You too could experience positive change that comes from a major shift of energy!

3 thoughts on “Want Change? Move a Big Piece of Furniture!

  1. Laura Posey


    That is SO true! I recently moved my bed in a fit of redecorating and I didn’t sleep soundly for two weeks. I finally moved it back and have slept like a baby since.

    I just moved my office also and am checking to see how the furniture arrangement is impacting productivity. I’ve already discovered that a giant file cabinet has to go. It is full of old bills and reference paper and on top of that it is ugly. It has to be moved to another room.

    Thanks for the great work you do!


    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, Laura for sharing your feng shui experiences! It’s pretty amazing how much our comfort is affected by our surroundings.


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