Women Helping Women: A Powerful Combination

The gray days of January are upon us. Many of us miss the warmth, color and light of seasons past and feel sluggish, moody and even lonely. After all, we are stuck with our own company as the cold of the season forces us inside. It takes extra effort to nourish ourselves with connections with wonderful others. And, it can be difficult to find the energy to force ourselves out of the cocoon of our comfort zone.

I have been blessed this week to be participating in a work project that has me working with two other women. We are moving one of my clients into her newly renovated home.  It may be gray outside, but inside it is warm with gentle conversations, pleasant interactions and the commitment to our very special client. We are working cooperatively to accomplish our goal and at the same time feeding our souls.

There can be magic when the right combination of women come together to help another. Over the Christmas holidays I worked with my sister-in-law, Amy, to help move her daughter, my niece, into her home. Almost without words we worked together to clear out my niece’s apartment and set up the kitchen in the new house. Amy and I have similar work styles and love to get things done. Working with her was so easy. It was such fun to accomplish our goal together. The experience left me feeling closer to her.

Remember that women thrive on connection and relationship. When you are feeling parched and lonely this winter, perhaps needing encouragement or a helping hand, consider reaching out to a dear woman in your life. Then bask in the pleasure of that sacred connection!  

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