Yin/Yang at a Renovation Site

You may be wondering what feng shui organizers think while they’re working. Believe it or not, organizing can be a meditative experience for me. I’ve done it for so long that I don’t have to keep all of my attention on the task at hand. That leaves me with energy and attention to notice what’s going on around me. I recently had the chance to experience the yin/yang differences of men and women while I was working. 

Recently I helped move a client back into her newly renovated home. The first day  there were just four women working together to unpack and set up her kitchen. We worked fairly independently with occasional checkins with the project designer and each other about what we were doing. As we worked we chatted quietly, and our work had a gentle feel about it. It was as if we were all aware at some level that we were participating in sacred work.

Several days later, after the “walk through” that had identified a punch list of items to be fixed around the house, I experienced something entirely different. We women were still quietly doing our thing. The difference was that at least five to seven different men swarmed in to make necessary repairs. As you might imagine, they brought with them the noise of power tools, guy talk, and vigorous movement. One man was washing windows, another was digging out a threshold, a third was doing paint touchups. And, the foreman was overseeing all the work and chatting with his buddies and the women in a loud voice. The energy the men brought with them was in stark contrast to the quiet, gentle energy of the women. 

“Wow!,” I thought. What a great example of the yin/yang of women and men. The women had the quiet, nurturing energy of yin and the men clearly displayed the active, loud energy of yang. And, you know what? That project could only be finished with both energies. We each had our separate and essential responsibilities, our distinct ways of being. Together we helped create an environment with exquisite balance, one that is bringing joy to my very special client. 

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