Clearing Clutter Could Save Your Home

This week I had the privilege of speaking individually with twelve elementary school teachers about feng shui and organizing challenges in their classroom. Those teachers had heard me speak earlier in the year and wanted time with me to discuss individual concerns and challenges. It was such an honor to work with each of them to figure out the next steps to take to get to a better place both personally and professionally. Since my time with the teachers was set up as a time for me to offer suggestions and help them problem-solve organizing challenges, I was quite surprised when one teacher just wanted to tell me a story.

She told me that after she heard me speak last fall she had taken my suggestions and had done a major clutter clearing in her house. After that she had a fire in her home. Initially I fearful that she was telling me that clearing the clutter had caused the fire. Moving things can stir up energy, but I’d never heard of it sparking a flame! Much to my relief the point of her story was that the clutter clearing had actually saved her home from complete devastation. Had she still had all the clutter, it would have provided fuel for the fire and there would have been much more damage to her home. 

What an amazing story! I’ve been told by clients and people who have heard me speak that I’ve touched their lives and made a difference. It’s always gratifying to know that. I had even suspected that the changes that have occurred following my visits could be life-changing. This was the first time I realized that the information that I share could save a home or even a life. This story taught me that clutter is not only annoying, but it can be dangerous!

Perhaps if more people realized that clutter can be life-threatening they’d be more motivated to do a little something every day to keep it at bay. What can you do today to keep your house safe from the threat of clutter? 

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