Broken Things Could Be Keeping You Broke!

I love it when my clients share their feng shui victories with me! Recently one of my regular clients told me that she had had a broken ceramic pot hanging out in one corner of her home office awaiting repair. As often happens when things are put aside to be repaired, it went out of her consciousness and had sat there for some time. 

Then one day she was reading a feng shui book and was reminded that broken things hold the energy of being broke. When she checked the location of the pot she noticed that it was being stored in the wealth and prosperity corner of her office. It was also in the wealth and prosperity corner of the house. Thinking back she realized that while that broken pot had been parked in that location there had been an influx of unexpected bills and expenses. Money was flowing out like a dam had broken!

Armed with a new awareness about the energy of the broken pot and its potential effect on her family’s finances, my client moved it and repaired it. After that she noticed that the influx of bills had stopped, and in fact her husband had even received a lucrative business opportunity.

Who says there’s nothing to this feng shui stuff? I’ve heard too many stories just like this one to dismiss the effect of broken things on finances. What do you have that’s broken? Do you know what part of your life its brokenness is affecting? If you want to know more, check out Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston. Then get real with yourself! Fix those things that can be repaired easily and pitch those that you know you’ll never repair! Just think of each one of them as one less item on your to do list. Who knows, your broken items could be blocking the flow of all kinds of good opportunities into your life! 

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