How to Get the Reading Done!

Do you have a tough time keeping up with reading all the newsletters and magazines that come to you? I sure do! I have worked hard to control the flow of fascinating reading material into my home, but it keeps coming.

In a recent post, “Honoring the Urge to Purge the Reading Pile”, February 1, 2009,  I wrote about sorting out my reading pile and purging as much of it as I could. I was still left with a stack to read. One good thing had happened as a result of sorting and purging that pile. I had re-exposed myself to the content of those magazines and newsletters and reignited my interest in the content. Then the question was: how am I going to make myself actually ready this good stuff?

I found a way! I was scheduled to take a weekend trip to Connecticut. I love to read to make the time in flight and in airports pass quickly. Instead of taking a novel, which would definitely win out over the pile of newsletters and magazines about health issues and best business practices, I just took my reading pile. I put myself in the position to have to read from my pile because that’s all that was available to read!

And, guess what! I had a great time reading all that interesting information, and plowed through that pile with gusto. I didn’t get it all done, though I worked hard to do that. But, now there are five items in the pile instead of twenty-five!

Have you got a daunting reading pile whose very size intimidates you? Tackle that mountain with a sort and purge. Then put a few of those items in a bag the next time you go to the doctors office, preferably one who keeps you waiting. Read and release! You’ll feel so proud of yourself, and perhaps you’ll find some nuggets of great information in the process. Enjoy!

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