Creating Deadlines to Complete House Projects

Can’t seem to make yourself do that house project that you know would make such a difference in how you feel in your space?  Are you still avoiding the clutter in the living room instead of tackling it and really enjoying peaceful moments in that space?  One of the best ways to make yourself get those seemingly overwhelming, possibly time-consuming projects done is to create a deadline to get the work done.  

I am not talking about putting a date on your calendar and then ignoring it because you can.  I am talking about scheduling a party in your living room so you will be compelled to tackle the clutter.  Again, I don’t mean picking up the clutter, shoving it into a bag and stuffing it into the attic or closet or “junk room.”  Make a deal with yourself that you WILL use the threat of having your parents or friends see your clutter nightmare as incentive to take action and really address your mess.  Isn’t it a shame that we won’t take those actions just for ourselves.  We are far more likely to do it if someone important to us will see our truth and might judge us harshly.

I learned this approach to getting those big ominous projects done when I realized that my laid-back husband would snap into action with house projects when he knew his parents would be visiting or that my BNI group was coming to our house for a party.  It was amazing what he could get done with the fear of being “seen” or the need to impress as a motivator.  And, I learned to use that technique to our advantage.  When it’s time to get some things done that have been waiting for Bob’s participation, I schedule a party.  It works! 

What can you schedule that will create a motivating deadline for you?

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