Light Jump Starts the Brain for Organizing

“What would Debbie Do?” my client said as she moved to the light switch and flipped the light on. “That’s what I say to myself when I get stuck. And, Debbie says when you can’t think, add more light. Add more energy to get your brain working!”

It’s always a thrill to be given proof that I’ve made a difference for a client. I stood across the room with a smile on my face, marveling that this client had internalized what I’d said and was using it to move herself forward.

For years I have instinctively begun many a session in some pretty grim environments by flinging open curtains and turning on every light in the room. When I began doing Feng Shui I realized I was doing anything I could to increase the positive energy in the space to a point where I could think. 

The brain has a very difficult time working effectively in spaces that are loaded with clutter, dust and grime. The negative energy of those spaces just shuts the brain down. Long ago I learned that adding light, natural or electric light, lifts the energies in spaces so that the brain can kick in and get the body moving. Granted, it brings to light some pretty challenging environments, but that’s a necessary first step to tackling any organizing challenge. 

The next time you want to back out of a room you intend to organize, use my secret weapon. Open the blinds, turn on the lights, jump start your brain and get moving!

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