The Power of Positive Beliefs

My husband convinced me to listen to the CD version of 1776, an historical novel by David McCullough chronicling the Revolutionary War.  I had been reluctant to listen to that book because I had been traumatized by the enormous number of facts I had had to memorize in history classes in high school and college, and I tend to shut down when confronted with lots of names, dates and  facts.  However, I love stories.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this book is a beautifully written true story constructed from factual information.  

As I listened to the tale of Revolutionary soldiers chasing the better equipped, better trained British soldiers out of Boston in the first major battle of the war, I was particularly impressed by the fact that it wasn’t their skill, their numbers, or their munitions that led them to victory.  They achieved their goal with a good strategy and a common belief in their ability to be successful.  It was a powerful demonstration of the power of positive beliefs.  

Had the Americans lost that first battle at Boston, it’s very possible that the British would have won the war.  We could be citizens of a colony of England!  Fortunately that first victory created a momentum that encouraged Revolutionary soldiers to continue the fight for freedom. 

Just imagine what you could accomplish by silencing fears and believing in your success!

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