Understanding Chi–Dead or Alive!

Feng shui teaches that everything is alive with chi, energy.  The quality of the chi, however, varies from object to object, person to person, environment to environment.  Some things have chi that is so alive and vibrant, whereas other things have chi that seems lifeless or negative.  Think of a beautiful rose at the peak of its beauty.  It’s aliveness is palpable.  Now, think of that same rose a week later as the head of the flower droops and the petals become paper dry.  The chi of the rose is now quite dead.  We can tell it’s dead because we feel sad or uncomfortable when we look at it.

As I help clients sort through their belongings I am always assessing the aliveness of the items we are touching.  If I am uncertain about the aliveness of the chi of an item I say, “Tell me about this.  What’s its story?”  I can tell by the tone of their voice whether an item is alive, dead or negative.  I don’t even need to hear the content of their words.  When things are truly alive with chi, the tone of their voice is warm, enthusiastic, sometimes joyful.  I can hear the excitement and pleasure in their voice.  When clients respond with a flat tone and making a decision about whether to keep the item seems like a real effort, I know the chi is at least negative, possibly dead.

Check out the chi of the things that surround you in your home or office. Pay attention to how you feel inside. Notice your thoughts as well. You’ll probably find that some things are alive with “Yes!” energy, good associations, good chi. Those are things you wouldn’t dream of parting with.

Other things will bug you, make you feel uncomfortable, perhaps even irritable. Those are signs of negative or dead chi. Figure out what’s causing the discomfort, and if it can be fixed, fix it. If it can’t be fixed, consider tossing it and freeing yourself from the negative effects of its energy.

Still other things will evoke no particular feelings at all. Is there anything you can do with them to enhance their chi, like moving them to a different location or cleaning them up? I consider no chi, dead energy, to be the same as negative chi. It’s not a good thing to have around because it affects your energy. You wouldn’t consider keeping dead mice, bugs or rats around. Why keep dead things?

We can’t directly control many things that happen in our world, like the state of the economy or the behavior of significant others, but we can make sure we surround ourselves with good chi. Make choosing good chi and letting go of dead or negative chi a new habit. Then watch your life evolve in ways you’ve never imagined. 

3 thoughts on “Understanding Chi–Dead or Alive!

  1. Fiona

    Thanks Debbie! I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. I’ve started to work with Michelle to spend some time every day (or as close to it as we can get) on keeping things moving/tidy/organized. She likes the structure and I don’t have to nag, simply set the timer and start her in a direction. She takes off from there. I like it because I’ve got company :-).

    1. admin Post author

      I’m so glad to hear that you and Michelle are organizing regularly! That’s the best way for someone like her to learn the discipline and how to attack the mess of daily life. It’s nice that you have an organizing buddy too! What good news!


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