Spring Color Teaches Feng Shui Balance

When I do feng shui consultations I often recommend that clients add “touches” of color to a space to create balance and visual interest. Many times I get blank stares from them. I’ve learned that they have no idea what a “touch of color” is. 

Driving around this week drinking up the colors of spring bursting forth, I was reminded about my challenge to communicate what a touch of color is. There actually are touches of color everywhere all the time. For example, a red stop sign is a touch of color, a brilliant red against a background of gray or green. 

Spring, however, offers us so many more examples of beautiful touches of color. All you have to do is scan the landscape for a brilliant burst of purple, red, yellow or pink set in a landscape of green. Perhaps I am more conscious of them because they are such a welcome relief from the gray skies and landscape of winter.

As you watch spring unfold this year, practice looking for “touches of color”, that brilliant purple redbud tree, the luscious pink of a dogwood, the brilliant yellows of daffodils, and the vibrant bold red of tulips. Our landscape has much to teach us about how to add color, energy and visual interest to our homes and offices. 

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