Restoring Order to Avoid a Clutter Nightmare and Boost Self-Esteem

I love restoring order! Rather, I love how I feel once I have restored order. This week I gave a speech Monday evening. When I got home that night I dropped a bag and a box full of supplies associated with the speech in my office and crashed for the night. For some people those two items would become the bud of a clutter puddle in their space. That’s because their habit is to come in and drop whatever they are holding, over and over again.

I learned long ago that I really can keep from creating my own nightmare. It just takes pushing myself over the edge of discomfort that I feel when I think about the work required to restore order. Experience has taught me that what I dread doing is usually not as time consuming as my brain thinks it is, especially dismantling bags and boxes of speaking materials.

I am also blessed to be hyper-conscious of negative energy. That bag and box had a negative energy because they were out of place, needed unpacking and were distracting from the relative calm of my office. In other words, they bugged me until I went in there today and quieted their annoying energy.

And, guess what! Taking those few moments to restore order has left me feeling good about myself, completely grounded. I feel good knowing my office, the hub of my business, is in order.

The next time you’re tempted to leave something for days that you’ve dropped during a moment of exhaustion, remember that you too can feel in control and grounded if you just bite the bullet and spend a few moments restoring order. At the very least you’ll be preventing the creation of a clutter nightmare!

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