Don’t Waste Time With Little Stuff!

Have you ever been fully committed to completing a particular organizing project but after a significant investment of time found that you had made little progress? It’s quite possible that you were led astray by the seduction of little stuff.  

Feng Shui teaches that everything has an energy. The energy of little things like pens, buttons, jewelry, scraps of paper, business cards, coins, trinkets and tiny toys and toy parts can be particularly distracting, especially when those things are out of place. It’s as though each item is talking to you, demanding your attention. Put a number of small items together and you have a conversation, or at the very least an annoying type of static. It can seem as though they are all screaming at you from all over the space you are attempting to organize. 

The temptation is to shut those conversations up by putting all those things away, one by one. As you might imagine, putting small things away produces very little visual progress for the time and energy invested. You’ll work your butt off and have little to show for your efforts. Silencing the little stuff is a good idea, but not by dealing with each and every item at the front end of a project. 

The best way to handle little things is to clump them together in a basket, box, or bag and earmark it as something to address at the end of the project. By pulling noisy little things together you quiet their energy and can focus on making real progress with larger things that will produce significant results. You have to be able to see and feel the effects of progress being made to keep yourself motivated to keep going in a process that can be overwhelming in its complexity and tiring to the mind and body.

Beware of the pull of little stuff! Don’t let it seduce you and sabotage your organizing efforts!

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