Small Business Success: Office Size Matters

Looking into the “closet” that was the office to be used as the first commercial space for a budding on-line business, I thought, “Oh, my goodness! How can I help with a space that has so many challenges!” Truly, it was the smallest closet, I mean office, that I have ever been asked to evaluate and make Feng Shui recommendations. Help!

I explained that office size does affect business growth. A business grows to the size of the space. What concerned me in this situation was that these business owners had already made a very good start to this business in their home. It sounded as though their business was already bigger than the size of the space. I was thinking, “It would be a shame to have their growth dampened by moving into a space that would limit them energetically.”

I voiced my concerns to the business partners and learned that they both viewed the space as a temporary launching pad for eventual movement into a larger space. Their immediate goal was to get the business out of their living space, establish it in a commercial setting, and keep their rent low until they were ready for a larger monthly financial commitment. That made sense to me. With their plan in mind I proceeded with my consultation and made recommendations for how to set up that space to energetically shoot them into new levels of business success and a larger office space.

Has your business grown to a point and stagnated? Is your space large enough to attract the next level of growth? Remember, office size does matter!

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