Clutter Clearing with Healing Touch, Reiki, and Energy Work

Our bodies are energy systems just like our homes. They too can become filled with clutter in the form of toxins, memories and traumas held in the body. You may get to the point that you’ve done all you can to clear and set up a lovely, comfortable home but still feel unsettled, unsatisfied, fatigued or depressed. You may be inclined to wonder if this Feng Shui is just hoo haa. Guess what! The body too may need clearing. 

One way to clear the body is with body work, like Reiki, Healing Touch and other forms of energy work. I had been struggling with low spirits and low energy last fall. When getting more rest didn’t get me to a better place, I sought the help of a friend who does energy work. 

First, I felt good doing something positive for myself. Helping professionals like me spend a lot of time and energy giving to others, being exposed to all kinds of negative energies and neglect to refill our own cups. 

Second, with safe, positive, gentle touch she was able to release energy blocks I didn’t even know were there. I immediately felt more more energy and more optimistic. One unexpected benefit was that I was able to allow myself to fully enjoy the holiday season, drinking in all the special sights, sounds and traditions of the season with much less stress. Since that time the level of joy and gratitude I feel every day is exponentially higher.

By the way, you don’t have to understand what happens in energy work to benefit from it. If you want to access more energy and joy, clear your internal clutter! Give energy work a chance! Then write me and tell me about your results. I love to hear energy success stories. 

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