Square Rooms vs Rectangular Rooms–Different Energies

This week I was reminded that square spaces can be more comfortable than rectangular spaces. I was working with an executive who is moving from a long, narrow rectangular space to one that is almost square. 

We first worked in the rectangular space and then went to look at her new space. I was amazed at how much more comfortable I felt in the square space. It was like going from a corridor to a room. The rectangular space seemed to squeeze all the energy to the center of the room, whereas the added width of the square office offered more room to breathe, and energy was distributed evenly throughout the room.

Energetically, rectangles are higher energy shapes than squares. The energy of rectangular rooms can keep us on the go. That’s great for productivity in an office setting, but can be stressful. Square rooms invite us to slow down and relax. It is far easier to get and feel grounded in a square room than in a rectangular room. There may be less urgency to get things done in a square room, but the results may be better when created in a place of lower stress while feeling more grounded. Hmmmm. . . . . rectangular or square. Is one shape better than the other?

Check it out! Notice the shapes of spaces you inhabit this week. Where do you find yourself feeling most comfortable, in square or rectangular rooms? And, where do you find yourself being the most productive?

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