Clear Clutter of Negative Energy and Find Lost Things

Did you know that even organized people like professional organizers lose things from time to time? It’s most infuriating! 

Just yesterday I needed a small collapsible stool so I could sit beside the man working on my computer. I looked for it in the usual storage places. I looked for it in unusual storage places, as my husband has advised me to do. I even asked my husband if he had seen it, though I knew that was unlikely. No luck! 

By then I was feeling really edgy, baffled and annoyed. Yes, lots of negative energy! I am NOT supposed to lose things. I work so hard not to lose things. And, there just aren’t that many places in my home where stools can be stored! 

Finally, in desperation, because I knew I could not bend over looking at the computer for hours, I grabbed a framed print that was stored in one of the places where I once had stored the stool and removed it from the room. The print had been stored there temporarily until I could take it to my mother. While I was looking for the stool I kept running into it. It was out of place and I felt annoyed by it.  

When I reentered my office after removing the print, without a moment’s hesitation, I looked under a table and found the stool. Now, I had looked under that table at least twice in my search. For whatever reason I hadn’t been able to see the stool. Once the print was out of the office I was able to see more clearly and find the stool . Go figure!

Sometimes the negative energy of just one item in a room can keep you from seeing clearly. I guess the moral of this story is that negative energy can keep us from seeing things that are right in front of us. And, removing sources of negative energy can be an effective strategy for finding lost items.  

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