Women Are Dog Lovers

One of the great benefits of working with people in their homes is that I get to meet many great dogs. As I’ve worked with clients who own dogs over the past decade, I’ve heard from many of my female clients that their husbands would just as soon not have a dog. They are the dog lover in the family and their insisting on having a dog has caused some friction. 

I made a mental note of that trend because I too live with a man who would rather have no dogs or just one dog when I would love to have a least three plus some boarders from time to time. I wonder why men have a problem with having dogs since their wives usually do most of the care and make arrangements for care when they are out of town. I also wondered why women insist on having dogs despite their husbands’ irritation.

If a family has a well behaved dog, I don’t really have a clue why men wouldn’t want dogs, unless they resent the fact that their wives are slightly less available to them because they have to take time to train, feed and in other ways care for their pooches. I’d love to hear other theories about this!

I can speak for myself about having to have dogs. I LOVE my dogs because they love me in ways that no one else does, including my husband. They love unconditionally. They are always happy to see me, ecstatic even! They take me as I am! They appreciate even the smallest things like peanut butter on an index finger.

I also think my dogs meet my maternal needs to nurture. I sure can’t do that with my husband. That would only annoy him! Since I haven’t had children I haven’t been able to meet those needs in any other way.

Dogs are good for my heart and soul!

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