Productivity Depends on Shifting Focus

“Let’s just continue organizing your space. We’re more likely to find it if we clean up.” That’s what I tell clients when they’ve lost something after we’ve made a valiant effort to find their lost item. It’s rare that they immediately stop and get on with organizing. In fact they often make more of a mess by tossing things around in their search.

Why would I urge them to shift their focus? Because it’s a real time waster to keep working at something that isn’t working at the moment. 

One day this week, for example, I was trying to work with MindManager, a mind mapping program available at I was running into roadblock after roadblock when I tried to log into the program. I really wanted to work with that program and probably spent more time messing around trying to log in than I should have. I finally had to tear myself away and make myself work on something I could get done instead of obsessing about something that just wasn’t working. 

See if you can catch yourself the next time you are find yourself banging your head against a brick wall and making no progress. Often if you shift focus to something more productive you’ll not only make progress on something you can do, but when you return to the initial dilemma, you’ll have a fresh approach and you’re more likely to be successful. 

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