Cats & Dogs Understand The Power Position!

A way to empower yourself and feel utterly comfortable in any room is to place yourself in the “Power Position” with a solid wall behind you and a full view of the door.  I use that feng shui principle almost every day in the work I do, so it’s always at the forefront of my thinking.  

Recently I’ve been noticing that both my cat, Tigger, and my dogs, Jake and Oz, also get that principle.  The three of them love to join Bob and me on the bed.  They may initially settle in a position with their heads facing us, but within minutes they have adjusted themselves to face the door.  Without fail they turn and assume a final resting position with their butts toward us and their heads facing the door!  Jake even does it when he is under the covers!  

So, use the wisdom of cats and dogs. Put yourself in the Power Position!

One thought on “Cats & Dogs Understand The Power Position!

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