Procrastination–Is Fear Keeping You Stuck?

What makes you run away from something you really need to do? Today I watched myself squirm as I began the task of writing up copy for a webinar I’ll be doing on June 18. I had to lasso myself to my chair to make myself do the task. I really wanted to run! Why? Because it was something I’d never done before and I felt out of my element.

Avoiding a task because it requires traveling into unknown territory is a common reason for procrastination.

The reality?           Once I got started I found that the task was not as hard as my brain had me thinking it was.

The lesson?            I can survive discomfort, do the task and reap rewards!

The rewards?       The good feelings of relief and pride that came from the sense of accomplishment for tackling and                                                        successfully completing a challenging new task.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination–Is Fear Keeping You Stuck?

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    Hey, great post, really well written. You should write more about this.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks! I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this! It keeps coming up in my life and the life of my clients! We all struggle with procrastination.


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