Dogs and Cats Are Good Chi!


Good Chi?

Good Chi?

Dogs and cats are yang machines! What I mean by that is they have an active energy. They energize a space and can be great enhancements to your home, business and life. They’re good chi (energy)!

There are exceptions, of course. If an animal is sick, neglected or a behavior problem, its energy may be active, but it’s not positive.

What do you think about my Oz in this photo? He looks healthy. He’s fairly well groomed. And, he’s having the time of his life, chasing the cat onto the dining room table. 

When I heard a strange noise and investigated, this is what I found. Granted, this is not what I’d consider desirable behavior for a dog of mine. But, Oz gave me a great laugh, especially with his, “What Mom?” look.

I think he’s good chi!

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