Computer Crash! A Search for Blessings!

My computer crashed last week. One day it worked. The next day, after a particularly bad thunder storm, it didn’t. After an initial panic, because it was the computer that my assistant uses to do my bookkeeping and all her work for me, I got into my problem-solving mode. After all, how was panicking going to help me restore computer order to my office? I first noted my blessings.

  • My Mac was still working.
  • I have a great computer guy, Roy Parker of PCSolutions4U.
  • The computer was still under warranty.

Then I began making the necessary calls. First I called my assistant to let her know she wouldn’t be able to work for me the next day. That actually worked out well for both her family and mine because it was the Friday before the 4th of July and we all got to sleep in. She also urged me to check out my homeowner’s insurance to determine if I have coverage for this type of incident. That reminded me that years ago I had signed up for an Equipment Breakdown rider. A light in the end of a dark tunnel!

Next I left a message for my computer guy. When he returned my call within the hour, he informed me that my warranty period ended in April. Rats! But, he would be able to look at the computer the next day to diagnose its problems.  

That done, I began to mess with the mess of wires under my desk in an attempt to figure out what happened–by myself! In the process I got the wires organized and sorted so I know what’s going on down there.

Can you see what an up and down process I had to go through as I worked to solve my computer problem? It was hard to keep my thoughts positive and spirits up throughout the whole ordeal. But, because I was looking for good things to emerge from the experience, I found them.

  • I got to sleep late the next day.
  • I was reminded I have insurance that can help me defray the cost of replacement or repair.
  • I have a willing, wonderful, and trustworthy man to tell me the truth about my computer’s health.
  • I have organized wires under my desk!

I’ve learned to look for the good even when it feels like I’ve been pooped on by the Universe! If nothing else, looking for the good kept me from cursing and likely attracted just the help I needed!

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