Less Paper, More Writing Success!

Today I found myself thinking that since I’ve been keeping only the hottest of my “to do” items on my desk, writing my book, blogs and news tips has been easier to do. Keeping many fewer distracting papers out and visible has made it easier for me to go inside, access ideas and put them into writing.

Now, you’re probably wondering where all the rest of the papers went. I filed many of those that I knew I wouldn’t deal with anytime soon. I can access them when I’m ready. They don’t have to stay in an overwhelming pile in my line of sight.

The rest that I might take action on sooner than those I filed are in a basket behind me on top of a filing cabinet. They are out of sight, but not out of reach! The only papers on my desk are those I intend to do something about this week. That stack is much smaller than the total stack of all I’d like to get done.

Just think of how much important wisdom you could access if you weren’t distracted by piles of paper! How can you make them disappear and still access their information when you need them?

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