Good Garage Feng Shui!

100_06132I’ll never forget being shown into the room where my BNI group was having its Christmas party. The room seemed to be a large multipurpose room, but something about it felt strange. As I looked around I realized that I was in a garage! Yes, the room you are looking at is a garage! The couple who were hosting the party had put ceramic tile on the floor, had finished the walls with sheetrock, paint and even decorative trim, and had arranged framed pictures in their garage. I’d NEVER seen anything like it!

For years I’ve been encouraging clients and seminar participants to treat their garages as rooms instead of dumps because their garage is often the first place they see when they get home. Its energy affects their energy and their mood after they enter their home. I had suggested finishing the walls with sheetrock and a colored paint, something besides white, hanging posters and organizing the space so it would be more welcoming when they entered their house through the garage.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a garage like the one seen here! These folks must have other places for those dirty garage items! But, just think how you’d feel coming home to the greeting of this peaceful, lovely space! Most of you won’t go to this extreme when decorating your garage, but I hope it inspires you to tackle the garage and treat it like a room that really does matter!

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