Get Further Faster! Get a Coach!

I finally gave in and got a coach. What took me so long? I didn’t think I could afford to do it! Scarcity mentality? You bet!

I’d heard successful speakers say that getting a coach was essential to getting them where they’d gotten. I knew I really needed one. I was working so hard, but was I using my time, money and energy wisely? No!

When I spoke to Elizabeth Hayden, a fellow professional organizer and professional speaker, I learned that she was getting coaching from Mark LeBlanc. I knew Mark. In fact, I attended his Achiever’s Circle, a weekend business development retreat, in 2008. After that experience I really wanted to get coaching with Mark. But, I still believed there was no way I could afford it. When I learned that Elizabeth was getting coaching from him, my desire got stronger. Still, I took no action.

Several months ago I got an email from Dianne Morr, an editor I had met in Mark’s Achiever’s Circle. She told me how much she enjoyed my bi-monthly new tips. And, she just happened to mention that she’d been getting coaching from Mark.

Now, that got my attention! I thought, “If Dianne can afford it, I should be able to afford it.” I’ve learned when I hear something twice it’s the Universe’s way of nudging me to take action. First Elizabeth, then Dianne. I got the message and made the call. Guess what? Mark has a special coaching program just for his Achiever’s Choice participants! And, I could afford it!

In the first hour of coaching with Mark, he helped me set a financial goal for my business, clarify my speech topic and target market (something I’d been wrestling with for about two years), and got me to commit to writing a book in 90 days. As a result of that one hour, I am clear about my key message and better able to sell what I do. I have raised my rates and am bringing in enough additional revenue per month to more than pay for my coaching. And, I just sent a rough draft of my book off to my editor. Pretty amazing!

And, there’s more. Knowing that Mark, an incredible person, expert speaker and business coach, is walking beside me and believing in me as I build my speaking business has given me the courage to do things that I’ve needed to do but have avoided doing. Though I speak with him only once a month and email him occasionally, I feel his support all the time. That support has kept me more effectively focused and productive in the last two months than in the last two years. What a gift!

Want to move further faster? Get a good coach!

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