Antiques Hold Old Energies

“What about antiques?” asked a participant in one of my speeches. I had just finished telling the group that objects hold energies of people who previously owned them and events to which they had been exposed. She was wondering if it was a good idea to own antiques since they could hold old energies of people and events she didn’t even know anything about. Often those energies are harmless, but occasionally antiques carry toxic energies.

As it turned out, this participant owned a lovely old desk, but she always felt uncomfortable in its presence. She couldn’t put her finger on what it was that made her feel uncomfortable. She loved the piece for its beauty and charm, but after my explanation about objects holding old energies, she understood why it bothered her.

I told her a story about a friend of mine who bought an antique desk, put it in her home and immediately began feeling weak and sick. She was an energy worker and knew she was being affected by the energies of the desk. She removed it, cleared her energy field and felt better.

When adding anything that has been previously owned to your home or office, check out how you feel in its presence. Clients often offer me items that they are ready to give away. I first decide if an item is one I love or will use. I then decide if it will fit in my home with all my other belongings. And, finally I read its energy. How do I feel in the presence of the object? What do I know about where it came from? Was it owned by someone who has a wonderful positive energy or by someone who was struggling and negative?

The problem with antiques is that you often have no idea what energies they hold. Remember to take a few moments to see how you feel in the presence of the object before you make it a part of your space. It’s easy to get swept away by its craftsmanship and beauty, but pause and be with the piece for a few moments. Do you feel peaceful or unsettled, calm or agitated?

If you take an old item home and realize that you are not feeling well, feeling confused, anxious or irritable for no apparent reason, you can attempt to clear its old energies by sweeping sage smoke over it. If after doing that you are still feeling uncomfortable, it’s really a good idea to let it go.

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