Professional Organizing is Sacred Work!

“My husband’s father died last night.” I had known that my client’s father-in-law was expected to die. When I heard those words, however, I knew that what I was able to accomplish that day would not only help Jill clear her kitchen so its renovation could proceed, but I’d be helping her whole family face a sad and difficult time fully grounded with no worries at home when they flew to Texas for the funeral.

After four hours of decision-making, intense packing, and moving boxes, I left Jill with only a few minor tasks to do to have her kitchen and dining room clear for construction. As I got ready to leave, she gave me a hug and a relieved smile and said, “I don’t know what I would have done without you!”

The work I did that day was some of the most gratifying I have recently done. It gave me such pleasure to ease Jill’s burden by my presence and my ability to get things done for her so she can better handle her current challenges. That is sacred work!

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