Clutter Clearing Helps You Hear Guidance!

“Debbie, I saw my doctor today and she told me the same thing you’ve been telling me!”

“Hmmm. . . .I wonder what I said,” I pondered. As my client, “Rachel,” continued she explained that her doctor had noticed that her spirits were low and asked what was going on with her. Rachel, a weary elementary school principal who has done wonderful work in an inner city public school system, had reached the point of burnout. When she shared information about her difficult work situation, the wise doctor affirmed that she had done important work in the community, and as a result, was well respected.  She urged her to consider moving on to other work in some other arena or form. I’d been doing the same thing for at least three years! Like me, the doctor too had no doubt that Rachel would be a success where ever she was led to work.

Hearing the same message from two credible sources got my client’s attention. It seemed to be the shot in the arm she needed to begin to believe that she really would survive financially if she left her current position. For the first time in all the years I’ve worked with her, I heard determination and optimism in her voice about making that significant job change. And, she was making plans to take actions could lead her out of her current situation and on to something better.

It’s interesting how the Universe works. The message from the doctor came after two major clutter clearing sessions with me. In those sessions Rachel made hundreds of decisions to let go of books, supplies, and other teaching materials that she had held on to for years. It was as though she was slowly pulling up the roots of doubt and fear with each decision to move things along to others who could use them. That done, she was both physically and psychologically lighter and therefore more receptive to that important message from her doctor.

If you hear the same message from two people you trust, don’t blow it off. Messages from God, your Higher Power, the Universe, your intuition, whatever you call that small wise voice within you that looks out for your well-being, get repeated until they’re heeded. I learned long ago that when I hear something twice, it’s time to take action. I have NEVER regretted taking those actions. Each one has taken me further along on a wonderful journey!

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