Clutter Clearing Spreads By Word of Mouth!

Today I learned that you never know how far your influence will travel.

Last week I spoke with a woman who heard me speak for an hour about clearing clutter to create prosperity. She told me that my speech had spurred her into immediate action in her home. She began in her bedroom, getting real about her willingness to try to lose weight to get into her size 6 clothes. Not! She said she realized that it’s just not that important to her to lose that much weight, and besides, it’s too much work! Her clearing also got her daughter motivated as well and they’re having a yard sale this weekend!

My message and the benefits she received from clutter clearing so inspired her that she put what she had learned into a devotional that she delivered over the intercom at a local hospital. Soon after she gave the devotional she got calls from several people telling her how much her message had helped them. One man reported that he had become motivated to have several vehicles hauled away from his property. Wow! All that clearing from a 60 minute speech!

The best news was that colleagues have been telling this woman that they can tell that something important is going on with her. They’ve noticed a difference in her–perhaps her attitude, her energy, her demeanor? The impression I had was that the change was good and those people were curious about the cause of her personal shift in spirits.

I love stories like that! I love it when I can share information that helps people get moving to clear obstacles that block their happiness and success. What can you let go of to make space for positive change?

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