Timeshare Nightmare–Lessons Everywhere!

Have you ever had a weak moment and said “yes” when you should have said “NO!” Well, that was me last year. In a weak moment, when I was longing for time away with my husband, I agreed to pay a small sum for an opportunity to spend three days and two nights in a hotel in Williamsburg, VA in exchange for 90 minutes of our time. We’d done this before. We knew we were going to be urged to buy a timeshare.

Well, the hotel was old. The room was small and smelled like disinfectant. Worst of all, THE WALLS WERE WHITE!!!! If you’ve been reading my blog for any time now you must know that I really feel very uncomfortable in rooms with white walls. The thought of spending time in a room that felt like I was in the middle of a blizzard made me want to run for Richmond! Add to that, my husband was not thrilled be there in the first place! Great!

The pitch we got the next day took almost three hours instead of the promised 90 minutes. We were hammered by not one, but two salesmen. Thank goodness we had agreed beforehand that we were not buying anything! To get through the ordeal, I watched the process they used to try to convince us that we could not leave without committing to at least $11,400 of debt in exchange for travel opportunities. Their effort was really impressive! Those men were masters of manipulation!

By the time we left with our gifts, starving and with a whopping headache, I felt like I’d been through the wringer. The whole experience was really difficult and exhausting. So much so that all I wanted nothing more than to go to our frosty hotel room (previously thought of as the smelly blizzard room), curl up with a book and take a nap! Instead we took one of our “gifts” and bought and wolfed down a much needed late lunch (we had had no breakfast!).

When we finally got back to our room, I was amazed that the room that had seemed such a disappointment the night before could so quickly become a safe haven following our traumatic experience. My thoughts and emotions were transformative. Yes, the walls were still white, stark and unwelcoming, but the bed was comfortable and we could close the door to decompress and recover from my mistake.

I think the Universe sometimes gives us very unpleasant experiences to help us learn lessons we keep failing to learn. One lesson was that I can handle a white room when it’s more appealing than being battered by a salesman! Another lesson was, “Just say NO to ANY phone solicitations, ESPECIALLY those that offer free vacations!!!!!” And finally I learned that it’s important to make sure that my basic needs for rest, relaxation, and recreation with my husband are met so I’m not so vulnerable to offers that sound good but really cost more than is immediately evident!

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