Asking for Help–A Habit that Pays Off

This week I noticed that the fonts on my blog were messed up. Initially I tried to figure out how to change them. Yes, my knee jerk response was to do it by myself. After a frustrating few minutes of searching for how to make the changes I wanted, it dawned on me that I did have a great resource who could help me. I shot an email to Bryan Dunn of WebbDunnRight at, asking him to check it out. Not only did he fix the problem, he found the origin of the problem and added a few spam filters to keep me from getting an inbox full of comment spam. Asking for help really does pay off! I got what I needed and more!

I’m working hard at developing the habit of hunting for help as soon as I am clear that I cannot do or do not want to do something by myself. Rather than taking hours, days, weeks and even months trying to do tasks myself that I can’t do or making myself do things I hate doing which always results in procrastination, I’m calling for help and getting things done by competent others. It’s amazing how wonderful it feels and how much gets done. No longer do I have procrastination piles impeding my path to success! Try it! You’ll like it! And, by the way, it’s not breaking the bank! If anything, the bank is filling up faster!

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