Christmas Planning in September

I know, most of you are cringing at the mention of Christmas. And, some of you are thinking, “Why would anyone be making plans for Christmas in September, other than planning where you’ll be this Christmas?”

It’s never too early to knock a few items off your Christmas to do list. Christmas happens in layers of things to do. The first layer of Christmas cards, for example, is gathering the ingredients: getting the cards; composing the Christmas letter; finding a photo to send; and buying stamps. The second layer is assembling all the pieces and writing notes.

Making a list of gift ideas is the first layer of Christmas gifts. The second layer is buying, ordering, or making the gifts. The third layer is wrapping the gifts.

Is it any wonder many of us feel overwhelmed when we look to the upcoming Christmas season? But, what if you began whittling away at pieces of those layers prior to the big November/December rush? Here are some tasks you can do now that will ease you into the holidays without the angst:

  • Make your gift list and carry it with you so you can pick up items whenever you’re shopping. Shopping early means you can avoid the insanity of the crowds and parking during the peak season. (Just yesterday I picked up a gift for my brother-in-law. I can check him off my list!)
  • Order holiday cards.
  • Identify your Christmas photo and have it duplicated.
  • Make notes of items to put in your Christmas letter.
  • Plan where you’ll spend Christmas and make travel reservations.
  • Begin Christmas craft projects. (I’ve begun photo scanning for photo calendars and scrapbooks.)
  • Bake and freeze cookies, breads and casseroles if you have freezer space.

I’m sure there are many more little tasks you could be doing right now. My list is just a starting point.

Do you feel resistant to doing Christmas tasks so early? Perhaps you think you need to be in the holiday spirit, something that’s difficult to feel when it’s not yet fully fall. Just remember how you usually feel when you wait and have more to do than is humanly possible in December. Doing even one task now will lighten your load and get you moving into the holidays with a different energy and attitude. The more you do ahead, the more time and energy you’ll have to enjoy the activities of the season.

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