Decorate Your Front Door!

Why decorate the front door? It’s just a door, right? Wrong! As I wrote in my last tip, the front door to your home is the main mouth of chi (energy), an opening through which opportunity and prosperity enter. The reason to decorate your front door is to make it stand out so it will attract positive energy. Remember, energy tends to attract like energy.

Decorating the door can be as simple as adding a colorful wreath or welcome sign. It can involve hanging a special flag, adding statuary or colorful plantings in pots or in beds that flank the door. Use touches of red in the wreath, flag or plantings to draw the eye to the door. Your door will be on fire and so will you!

Tend the appearance of your door as you would tend your own appearance in a situation in which you want to be noticed and make a positive impression. Good energy at the front door will attract good things into your life!

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