Use Your Front Door!

Use the front door of your house EVERY DAY! The front door of your home is the main mouth of chi (energy) for your home. To keep your life moving and to keep opportunities coming your way, you need fresh energy coming through the front door of your house.

Why am I writing about the front door today? I just got back from a walk with my dogs. Once again I passed a perfectly nice house that looks dead in the front. The large front porch is empty. There is no decoration of any type on the porch or the door. Cars are parked on the side of the house, and it’s clear that EVERYONE enters through the side door. The front of the house looks bereft!

It’s quite common for people to enter their houses by the door closest to where they park their cars. They enter by a back door or the garage. Not only do they enter into parts of the house that usually have the lowest, most problematic energy (garages and utility rooms), but consequently, the front door gets neglected.

Think of entering the front door as facing your life head on. Even if you use another entrance much of the time, make it a point to enter through the front door at least once a week. And, ask guests to use the front door instead of entering through a back or side entrance. Guests can help activate the energy at the front of your house. When you need to work in the front yard or get the mail, use the front door.

Treat the front door as the important source of energy that it is! Then watch for new life in your life!

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