Get Help to Get Further Faster

“I can do this myself. Why should I pay someone else to do what I am capable of doing?”

You may be capable of doing that task, but are you getting it done? It’s very common for people to avoid tasks they’re capable of doing because:

* they hate doing it;
* they have little or no confidence in their ability to do it well;
* they really don’t know how to do it, but think they should;
* they have problems getting started on tasks that really aren’t a good fit for their abilities.

I am a competent writer. I thought I should be able to whip out a press release to announce my new business, Simply Organized, back in 1998. After avoiding the task for several months, I finally hired Linda Barrett of All the Buzz, a marketing consultant, to draft the press release. Not only did the press release get done, but Linda urged me to write my first booklet, “Simply Organized: The Art of Conquering Clutter,” to offer as a free gift to anyone who contacted me to inquire about my business. That booklet was my first product and has been a money-making product for me ever since. I paid the consultant for the press release, but I got so much more.

When I took that important first step to get help I learned several important things:

* I can save a lot of time and make more money if I work in my area of strength and pay others to do tasks that are not in my area of strength;

* I can get important tasks done that move my business forward faster when I outsource tasks that I cannot do, cannot do well, or have no desire doing at all;

* I usually end up with a result that is exponentially better than I could ever do myself; and

* in the process of getting help I develop relationships with some incredible people.

I also firmly believe we are all connected and have the opportunity to work together for a greater good. Why pass that up?

Get the help you need so you can make a bigger difference!

Collaboration rules!

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