Speaking-You’ve Got to Roll with the Punches!

I was taught that when you speak for an audience you want to leave them wanting more rather than wishing they had gotten a whole lot less! So, I work very hard to never go over the allotted timeframe for a speech. Today I was scheduled to give two speeches, each one hour in length. I was a little concerned that only five minutes had been scheduled between the two speeches, not much time for people to move from one session to the next, get food and get settled. I knew I’d have challenges managing the time. Then when the previous speaker went over almost fifteen minutes I knew I’d have to cut my speech a bit so participants could keep to the schedule.

I could have freaked out, been angry or resentful. But, instead I chose to remember other speakers describing challenges they’d faced when speaking, and I thought to myself, “This is just one of the realities of speaking. Not everyone keeps to the schedule. How can I make the best of this?” Fortunately I’d prepared well and knew where I could trim my speech. So, those speeches were shorter and more rushed than I would have liked. But, I still had fun delivering them. And, participants were engaged and seemed to appreciate the content. It’s amazing how I was able to shift a stressful challenge to a positive victory by changing my focus and my thoughts!

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