Dogs are Good Feng Shui, Good for Business!

One of the high points of my week last week was greeted by an enormous Golden Retriever, Luke, when I walked into Southern States to buy birdseed and roses. What a huge gentle giant! His energy was so calm that I felt calmer. Now, that’s good feng shui! And, finding him there, in a public space where I just didn’t expect to find a dog, was such a treat!

Haven’t you occasionally seen a cat lounging around in a bookstore or a dog hanging out inside a business? If you’re an animal lover like me, I’ll bet you also remember the store and maybe even the breed of dog.

Well-behaved welcoming cats and dogs can have such a positive effect on a commercial establishment if they are clean, well cared for and especially if they’re friendly. They can serve as unofficial greeters. They can make us pause in our rush to get everything done and take a moment out to pet them and talk to their owners about them. They really facilitate us being more human and less driven.

When I met Luke I was so taken by him that I asked his owner about him. Was he pure Golden Retriever? How much did he weigh? 101 pounds! I wouldn’t normally chat with a cashier in that way. Luke helped me stop and connect. He also left me with such a good feeling about that store. I’ll look forward to going back in hopes of seeing Luke.

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