Procrastinating? Identify the Barrier!

Is there something you know you need to do but it never gets done? What’s the barrier? What is standing between you and getting that task done? Have you even taken time to identify the barrier? Once you identify the barrier, you can determine a way to eliminate it and move forward. Here’s my story of a barrier identified and eliminated.

I had known that I needed to keep in touch with people on my email list for years. I just never got it done. I had the list. I had the content. I even knew that Constant Contact is a the service I could use for this purpose. Still I kept dancing away from getting started. Yes, even compulsive professional organizers procrastinate!

When I finally got real with myself I realized that my discomfort with all things technological was the barrier between me and getting my news tips out to my list. To address that barrier I made a few feeble attempts to figure out this Constant Contact thing, but, as I expected, I was totally baffled.

So now the barrier had changed from discomfort with all things technological to truly not knowing how to take the steps necessary to get the job done. Once I got clear about that barrier, I sought help from my good friend and fellow professional organizer, Cara Kinning. She showed me the basics of Constant Contact, helped me set up my list and got me started on developing the template for the newsletter you see today.

Had I not taken the time to stop and identify the barriers to getting my newletter out, I would not be having the bi-monthly pleasure of communicating with you. Got an important task that you keep avoiding? Identify the barrier and eliminate it!

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