Create a New Weekend Clearing Habit

Make a commitment to yourself to get rid of one item from your home every Saturday.

Making it a habit to identify one item to part with each week is a great way to train yourself to be looking for things to clear all the time. It’s also a way to make sure that there this an outflow of things from your home to counter the constant inflow.

A word of caution! You may intend to get rid of just one item every week, but find yourself
filling bags full of things once you get started.

Yesterday I decided to get rid of a faded candle in my living room and today my van is filled with two boxes and two bags of things to donate to a charity. Moving that one item shifted energies in my home which in turn shifted energies in me and suddenly I was ready to rearrange furniture and clear closets. Amazing!

I rode that wave of energy as far as it would take me! I can’t wait to see what new, good opportunities come into my life now that I’ve made space for them!

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